My Placement Week

This week I have been in the YMCA office Redditch working with Charlotte completing various tasks. I learnt a lot from looking at the digital marketing side of the YMCA and how people here advertise volunteering opportunity’s and charity events through social media such as Facebook and Twitter and how important social media actually is within a business for advertising. I learnt about how to make different social media posts more effective and how to attract more people to actually read them and engage with the post. I also learnt a lot about how important it is to look at the reach of the posts on Facebook and realising who engaged with the posts and who just scrolled past them on their news feed. As the Facebook page we were working on is quite new I have learnt that it takes a fair amount of time to get the amount of likes on the page and the engagement with the posts to a higher amount.

Finally, I learnt that as the YMCA is mainly a charity for young people this means that the ideal target market would be young people and at the moment it is a bit mixed so I have learnt about how the different styles of social media posts attract different ages of people. This will definitely help me in the future as I wish to go and work as a digital marketing apprentice but for a profitable company but as I have been working a lot with marketing on social media sites such as Facebook this has given me some relevant experience which is good for my future career.

I also spent some of my time here researching different trusts online which is was then entering their information into a spreadsheet with all the other trusts which the YMCA use. Someone would then email these trusts and ask for funds to support the YMCA charity. When completing this task I learnt how the YMCA Worcestershire go about receive different streams of income and how they get general funds for different things such continuing to provide their service for young people. I also used Excel the following day with researching different businesses which we thought would donate curtains or fabric for a conference room. This is useful for me because when I go into marketing it will also include me doing work on Microsoft programmes such as Excel.

Finally, I have learnt the importance of punctuality in the workplace as I have been getting to the YMCA at 9 am each day and have had tasks to complete. As I have a part time job as well I have worked just under 50 hours this week so I have had to be punctual at my part time job as well. Overall I have had a good week and learnt a lot which I’m sure will benefit me in the future.


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